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I did not start "serious" woodworking until I moved to Virginia in August 1999. Before that time I was a "shelf maker". I had a Craftsman table saw that required a hammer to adjust the rip fence. I was lucky to have a cut accuracy of 1/8 of an inch. So my first step to becoming a better woodworker was to buy a better table saw. This started me down the slippery slope of buying more and more better and better tools. After a while this gets into real money. But I am the most blessed of woodworkers. My wife Nancy just loves shopping for tools!
This web page will probably be constantly under construction. This is because web page design is now another new hobby. I used Apple's iWeb software to make my first web page. That software is about as easy as it gets, but you quickly outgrow it. It's just like woodworking. You want more and fancier tools that you know will make you a better worker. Anyway, I hope you get some entertainment from this site, and maybe get an idea or two you can apply to your woodworking.
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